Kid's Camps, Birthday Parties, Parent's Night Out

Kids Camps, Full Week - $300

Our Kids camps run from 8:30am - 2:45pm, and the children always have a blast! A normal day will consist of 20-30 minutes of Martial Arts drills followed by 20-30 minutes of games such as obstacle courses, karate ball, lava tag, and loads of other physical activities. This is followed by free time in which the kids build forts and engage the other students.

We always end the day with a nerf gun battle that the kids love. One of the hardest things might be trying to get your kids to leave our camps!

The dates for the camps this year are:

Mid-Winter Break Camp: February 19th-23rd

Spring Break Camp: April 9th-13th

Summer Camp 1: July 9th-13th

Summer Camp 2: July 23rd-27th

Healthy Communication + Healthy Relationships
This week, we have a special focus on: empathy building, active listening, expressing needs and wants, problem-solving, managing anger, assertive communication, qualities of a friend, respecting differences, finding common ground, kindness, honesty/integrity, responding to peer pressure.

Summer Camp 3: August 6th-10th

Healthy Mind and Body + Staying Safe
This week, we have a special focus on: eating healthy, exercise, heart-health, muscles and bones, sleep, managing stress, self-esteem, personal boundaries, situational awareness, stranger danger, bullying, relational aggression, online safety, cyberbullying.

Summer Camp 4: August 20th-24th

Camps are $300 for the first person and $200 for the second family members.

Parent's Night Out - $65

Parent’s Nights out are similar to our martial art kids camps. We have so many kids that look forward to these events… but usually it’s the parents that love them even more! These events are usually on Fridays or Saturdays and students can come for half of the time or all of it. We usually start the evening with free time in which the children can build forts and play with the other children.

We will do 20-30 minutes of Martial Arts drills followed by 20-30 minutes of games such as obstacle courses, karate ball, lava tag, and loads of other physical activities. About half way through the evening we serve pizza. At the very end of the night we finish with a nerf gun battle.

Saturdays 3:00pm to 8:00pm

Jan 20th Feb 24th Mar 24th Apr 21st
Jun 9th Jul 28th Aug 18th Sep 22nd
Oct 13st Nov 17th Dec 15th

Women's Self-Defense Class - $25

Every month we will be hosting a class specifically for women’s self-defense. It doesn’t matter if you have ever had any martial arts experience and this is set up so you can come and try out just one class, or do the class every once every month, or even do our other regular classes and take this as an addition to those. The point of these classes is to simply teach practical and effective self-defense.

Wednesdays 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Jan 17th Feb 21st Mar 21st Apr 18th
May 23rd Jun 20th Jul 25th Aug 15th
Sep 19th Oct 10th Nov 14th Dec 12th

Birthday Parties - $300

Birthday Parties

Our birthday parties are always a huge success. We start off by having the kids learn a few kicks and martial art stances. The birthday star always has the option to help lead the class. After we do some martial art exercises we then use our rope swing and play several games. At this point we reach the halfway mark and will have the kids do birthday cake, cupcakes or whatever the parents brought in for the party.

With a lot of places they will offer this at the end of the party basically telling the kids, "Okay now that you have had a sugar high, time to go and get in mom and dad’s car! Goodbye!" We like to give them their sugar and then let them run around and burn it off. We set up a huge obstacle course and after a while finish the party letting the kids try to break a real board with a push kick! These boards are very thin and even young students can break them.

We have had so many kids and parents come to us multiple years in a row. We can host up to 30 kids and if they haven’t had any martial arts experience it’s just fine. Contact us to see about availability.

Pizza Party/Nerf Gun Battle - $300

This is an hour and a half event where your kid can bring up to 30 other friends for an hour and a half where we will do some martial art drills, have pizza, do an obstacle course and then finish the event with one of our epic nerf gun battles.

These events are a lot of fun and is a great way for your child to build their confidence by having them invite their friends to come over and try our martial arts, when their friends will get to watch them doing the techniques and succeeding at the drills.